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Framing a Dead Baby for Murder - The Sparks HOAX School Shooting

Framing a Dead Baby for Murder - The Sparks School Shooting HOAX

Supposedly, on October 21, 2013, a "shooting" occurred at a school in Sparks, Nevada. Here you will see proven with records, that this was a staged hoax - just as nearly all recent 'mass' shootings are now demonstrated to be. The Sparks incident is a virtual carbon copy of the Arapahoe School "shooting" - also a proven fake. But this time, with a shocking new twist.

Each new "active shooter" drill/hoax, teaches us more about how to unravel the lies and machinations behind them. In this instance, you will see the trail of the hoax perpetrators - and possible connections to other proven fake shootings.

Each fake death technique involves some form of identity fraud. With the Sparks Hoax, the perpetrators must have felt very confident that no one would ever investigate their fraud. The pattern of connections learned from Clackamas helped to decipher those behind the Columbia hoax as well.

The Boston Marathon "bombing" taught us much about how the fake death industry works - particularly in connection with Sandy Hook (see -- The Fake Death Industry). Here, we can see it in action, with the people who put it to use.

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